Monday, 2 January 2012

mirza qadiani and his interaction with unknow females(na-mehrams)...dedicated to teahouse blogger

Following are taken from mirza qadiani's very own writings...
here we go

Dr. Mir M. Ismael narrated to me that the wife of Dr. Noor M. Lahori was famous with the name of Doctor Rani. She came and lived with HAZOOR in Qadyan for a very long time and served with Hazoor. When she died, in her rememberance, Hazrat Sahab got her stole (DOPATTA) tied to an iron bar of the window of BAIT-UD-DUA.
(Seerat-ul-Mehdi page 126)

This is the nice character of mirza, he kept DOPATTA of that girl as rememberance.

Once a brother of a PROSTITUTE came to Mirza Sahab and asked if the earnings of his sister. Mirza Sahab replied that in current era, such earnings can be spent for serving Islam.
(Seerat ul Mehdi page 261)

Dr. Syed Abdus Sattar Shah told me in writing that his daughter Zainab narrated to him that she remained in service of Mirza Sahab for 3 months. She used to swing fan to him in summers and such different services did she provide to him. Often it happened, that she swang fan to him till mid-night or even more. But she did not feel any tireness in it, rather it made her happy. It happened 2 times that she served him from Namaz at night to Namaz in morning, and she did not feel sleepy or tired, rather she felt happy and contempted.
Hazoor said that Zainab gives me so much service that I sometimes feel ashamed.

(Seerat ul Mehdi page 273)

Mirza sb felt ashamed....Was there no male left to serve Mirza sb in the night in qadian....?
 The widow of Hamid Ali Marhoom, Mayee Rasool Bibi narrated to me (Mirza Bashir Ahmad) through Molvi Abdur Rahman, that she and the wife of Babu Shah Din used to have a watch guard on Mirza Sahab at night. Hazrat Maseeh (Mirza) had asked us that we were supposed to wake him up if he spoke something while sleeping.
Once day, I heard some words spoken by him and woke him up, at the time was 12 midnight. In those days normally, the watch guards were Mayee Manjo Munshyani wife of Munshi M. Din Gujranwala and wife of Babu Shah Din.

(Seerat ul Mehdi volume 3 page 213)

now see how he used to take services of females at midnight.


Saturday, 31 December 2011

Can a good man look like a drug addict?

mr teahouse blogger zerra ghoor kero meri baat pai....

Thursday, 29 December 2011

small things amuse little minds

mr teahouse blogger tell me one thing???
can a good man look like a fraudia?

teahouse blogger or naveen model kai naam!

Shikwa-e-zulmat-e-shab se to kahin behtar tha,
apne hisse ki koi shamma jalate jaatai.

Mr teahouse blogger sir you should be ashamed of your secular fascist allow like minded posts on your hate spreading blog and delete all those who differ from you and show the mirror.....khuch to sharam kero yaar....
i am starting this blog cause you are biased qadiani blogger who is working on a foreign agenda for money to spread hate against the muslim majority....look at your blogs where you are calling people of qadiani religion muslims....have you lost your little secular mind?Dont you know qadianis are non-muslims according to the law of land?
well since your mentor mirza qadiani is buried in qadiani india and qadianis bury their dead on temporary terms in Pakistan only to move them to qadian india.....that explains your pro bharati sentiments...

same is the case with ex-model naveen......she also dosent allows comments that show her the mirror....

Salamoalikum to all

Hello friends....hope this blog serves its purpose........Peace